Cherry Pickings

Set in a lesbian bar in Manchester's Gay Village, Cherry Pickings is the story of an ensemble cast on one wild night out. Kate and Anna are best friends visiting The Village for the first time, Beth and Vanessa are a couple who run into someone who puts their relationship to the test, Mary is a trans woman who is literally just trying to pee in peace, Frankie is a classy lady with a big secret, Lindy has no idea why she's there and needs to find Poland and Tree (no, we don't know what kind of names those are either) and the bartender absolutely does not get paid enough to deal with all their crap.

Performed at International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival and Greater Manchester Fringe in 2018, Cherry Pickings was nominated for the Sean Meehan Diversity in Theatre award

Creative team

Written by Sarah Neubrand

Directed by Xenia Lily

Kate - Rosa Graham

Beth - Jeanna Roberts

Anna - Sarah Neubrand

Kate - Rosa Daniella Graham

Mary - Rois Doherty

Vanessa - Caitlin Miralles

Lindy (Dublin) - Yvonne Daye

Lindy (Manchester) - Holly Atwell

Bartender (Dublin) - Tom Booth

Bartender (Manchester) Joseph Morrison